datalogger 是一个易于配置的应用程序,可将 opc 服务器的数据记录到任何兼容 odbc 的数据库。datalogger 与 kepserverex 紧密集成,带来大量独特的好处,例如安装简单、性能高效而且容易浏览 opc 浏览空间中的标签。

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  • 支持任何兼容 odbc 的数据库管理系统
  • 用户友好的安装和配置
  • 支持拖放式添加 opc 数据项(标签)
  • 支持动态创建的标签
  • 提供灵活的触发方式
  • 包括 simulator driver
  • 支持已记录项的死区
  • 支持已记录项的可选 numericid 字段
  • 能够在不要求启用 log on static interval 或 log on data change trigger 行为的情况下使用启动/停止快照
  • 提供一个 _logdatabit 系统标签,允许客户端应用程序触发 datalogger
  • 支持已记录项的 csv 导入/导出


  • odbc api


  • 英语




  • enhanced to treat table validation errors as recoverable and continue table validation attempts until successful.


  • 修复了以下问题:在未设置触发器条件的情况下将进行初始日志记录。
  • 修复了以下问题:使用 datachange 触发器记录项目导致使用服务器时间戳。
  • 增强了存储和转发存储目录验证。



  • fixed an issue where datalogger used the dynaset open method in some cases rather than snapshot when a mysql dsn was used. mysql does not support dynasets.



  • the timestamp logged to the database will now reflect the time of the last data change.
  • resolved validation errors that caused the runtime to fail to load json and xml project files, which resulted in an 'invalid name' event log message.
  • fixed an issue where fields other than timestamp would give a sql "datetime field overflow" message when their data type is set to datetime.
  • fixed an issue where a read-only user could modify log groups.



  • log item timestamp now reflects the item log time rather than the last data change time.


  • updated log item timestamps to always reflect the item log time rather than the last data change.


  • fixed a situation where initial values were not logged.
  • fixed an issue where all log groups shared the same varchar mapping checkbox state.
  • changed behavior of the "log on static interval" trigger option to log the current timestamp rather than the timestamp of the last data change. this change restored the behavior that existed prior to the 5.20 release.



  • added support for mapping numeric id to varchar instead of numeric.
  • updated the timestamp logged to the database to reflect the time of the last data change when using “log on data change.”



  • added an error string for “too many tags to log in wide column format” to message log and documentation.
  • corrected an issue where null quality could be written.
  • resolved an issue where a trigger interval of greater than 24 days could cause the trigger to appear to be constantly on, causing excessive writes to the database.
  • resolved an issue that could cause data corruption when writing large strings or arrays. 



  • removed the ability to pick a data type for log items. the type was not used.
  • fixed an issue where enabling a datalogger log group after reinitializing the server did not correctly start the log group.



  • reorganized the triggers dialog to be more intuitive. the start/stop logging options were moved to the absolute and expression trigger type pages. the log on static interval and log on data change logging options were moved to a new logging conditions page.
  • added a new trigger condition that allows a snapshot to be taken of a log group's current tag values when a monitored item changes. a deadband can be applied to the monitored item to control how often a snapshot occurs.
  • fixed an issue where enabling a log group could cause false triggers in some trigger expressions that included server tag data. in these cases, the tags failed to get an update before the trigger expression was checked, which caused the check to return true incorrectly.
  • fixed an issue where a negative value was shown for the log group's update rate (located on the data map tab) if the update rate was greater than 24 days.



  • added support for store and forward. log groups can now store data locally to disk when connectivity to the sql server is lost, and then forward the data when connectivity returns.
  • fixed an issue where performing a csv export would disable the apply changes button without applying the changes to the runtime. now, performing a csv export causes the changes to be applied and disables the apply changes button.
  • fixed deadlock that could occur if link tags were linked to datalogger system tags. the deadlock occurred when starting a log group.


  • resolved a datalogger issue introduced in kepserverex version where values for columns associated with the first log item in the server item list were incorrectly logged as null. this issue affects customers who upgraded to version from an earlier server/plug-in version and use the wide table format to log data.



  • added the new "item data set to good quality" event expression trigger to the start and stop condition pick lists.


  • 作为 windows 服务和交互用户运行
  • 可通过支持多个并发的日志记录进程(线程)扩展
  • 支持自动创建表格并能够将数据附加到现有表格
  • 直接记录本地项列表中的数据,而不依赖外部 opc 服务器
  • 支持错误恢复,让用户能够在 dsn 连接断开时自动重新连接
  • 支持可选的自动配置备份(保存较新的配置文件副本)


kepserverex 不仅是 opc 服务器,它还是一种适用于工业自动化和 iot 的连接平台。只需下载 kepserverex,然后从包含 150 多种设备驱动、客户端驱动和高级插件的 kepware 库中选择,以便适合您工业控制系统的独特通信要求。

高级插件可扩展 kepserverex 连接平台的功能。通过将设备中的原始数据转换为其他形式,来提高数据实用性,并增强 kepserverex 的功能。