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kepware opc server 中国区总代理、乐橙pc客户端的合作伙伴 -乐橙pc客户端-乐橙客户端


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kepware discusses industrial internet of things (iot) connectivity at top industry events

representatives selected to speak at leading north american industrial automation conferences for smart manufacturing and oil & gas

despite steadily increasing adoption rates, industrial internet of things (iot) use cases and examples of field-proven technology are not widely known. kepware technologies, a software development company recently acquired by ptc (nasdaq: ptc), will kick off a series of spring speaking engagements at leading industry conferences beginning next week to address this knowledge gap. led by several kepware subject matter experts, presentations will focus on connectivity best practices and real-world iot use cases.

each educational session will provide attendees with valuable perspective and practical advice on how to realize the full potential of the industrial internet of things (iiot). key presentations include:

how do i decide? communication protocols for iot and industry

  • presented by aron semle, senior manager of solutions management at ptc
  • at entelec spring conference & expo in houston, texas on april 27 and the automation conference in chicago, illinois on may 24 and 25

smart manufacturing: why machine connectivity comes first for continental automotive

  • presented by john harrington, director of product management at kepware technologies, and michael lewis, principal it applications at continental automotive
  • at industryweek manufacturing & technology conference & expo in rosemont, illinois on may 5

simplifying real-time and historical (efm) data collection for the oil & gas industry

  • presented by steve sponseller, business director of oil & gas at kepware technologies
  • at the international school of hydrocarbon measurements in oklahoma city, oklahoma on may 11

how do i decide? communication protocols for iot and industry

  • presented by ray labbe, senior applications engineer at kepware technologies
  • at rockwell automation teched in orlando, florida on june 15 and 17

“as kepware brings new iot solutions to market, we are witnessing the exciting ways customers are deploying our technology to improve their operations and decision making,” said tony paine, platform president, kepware. “our speaking engagements at industry conferences allow us to share these insights with attendees and continue the dialogue about what organizations hope to accomplish with iot technology.”


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