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about kepware technologies

  kepware is the world leader in communication software for automation and offers unique experience in both opc and embedded device communications. since its beginning in 1995, kepware has focused on the development of communication drivers to automation controllers, i/o and field devices. operating system support includes; microsoft windows desktop, server and embedded (windows ce and windows nt/xp embedded). today, with over 100 communication protocols, and through the efforts of our direct sales, distribution and embedded partners, kepware is the leading provider of communications with annual shipments exceeding 100,000 units.

  kepware在国际通信自动化软件领域中有很高的地位,并且在opc和嵌入式设备通信方面有独特的经验。自从1995年发展以来,kepware专注于发展针对自动化控制器,i/o专业领域设备的通讯驱动程序。操作系统支持:微软视窗界面、服务器以及嵌入式产品(嵌入式windows ce和windows nt/xp)。如今,随着我们已经拥有超过100种通信协议产品,通过直接销售、发行和伙伴们的努力,kepware成为通信产品的主要供应方,并且每年的发货量达100,000套。

kepware 在中国

目前kepware 在中国通过代理商销售产品和提供服务,在中国没有设立任何分支机构。


kepware products

tool kits
client ace
  with kepware's clientace you'll always have a winning hand! clientace provides simple-to-use tools for developers wanting to build an opc client application. with powerful drag-and-drop controls or a full api, you can quickly opc client-enable your .net applications.

运用kepware clientace,您将拥有胜利的手!clientace为想要建立opc客户端应用程序的开发商提供简单易用的工具。运用强有力的拖放控制和充分的api,使开发者快速开发出opc客户端应用程序。
opc servers
  kepware's kepserverex product suite is a single opc server with over 100 available plug-in device drivers for a wide variety of plcs, databases, and systems. kepserverex supports serial and ethernet connectivity to the widest range of industrial control systems including: allen bradley, automationdirect, bacnet, dnp 3.0, ge, honeywell, mitsubishi, modicon / modbus, omron, siemens, texas instruments, yokogawa and many more. kepserverex has become the industrial connectivity standard for automation professionals around the globe.

kepware的kepserverex产品套装是一台单独的opc服务器,它为各种各样plcs、数据库和系统提供100个可插入式设备驱动程序。 kepserverex支持一系列以太网连接到大范围工业控制系统,包括: allen bradley, automationdirect, bacnet, dnp 3.0, ge、honeywell、三菱、modicon/modbus、omron、西门子、德洲仪器, yokogawa等许多系统。 kepserverex在全球成为了领导工业连通标准的自动化专家。
  with kepware's datalogger component you can seamlessly log any opc item/tag from kepserverex to your favorite odbc compliant database like access, sql, and mysql.

运用kepware datalogger结构,您能从kepserverex到任何odbc兼容的的数据库(如access、sql和mysql)无缝记录所有opc项目(或标签)。
u-con protocol server
  how often have you needed a reliable way to acquire data from weigh scales, barcode scanners, rfid readers, sensors, digital displays, gps systems, meters, printers and other industrial devices? u-con protocol server enables you to quickly and easily establish communications with nearly any serial or ethernet device. u-con protocol server is based upon the same technology found in kepware's field-proven opc/dde server kepserverex, so acquiring your data through u-con enhances the reliability & expandability of your solution.

您每隔多久需要通过一个可靠的方式从weigh scales, barcode scanners, rfid readers, sensors, digital displays, gps systems, meters, printers或其他工业设备获取数据? u-con可使您对迅速并且容易地与最近的联系或以太网设备建立通信。 u-con协议服务器基于和kepware's field-proven opc/dde server kepserverex同样的技术,因此通过u-con获取数据可以提高可靠性并且您能得到扩展性较好的乐橙客户端的解决方案。
isnmp opc server
  isnmp suite provides automation professionals with a real time view of the health of their ethernet network devices, the overall ethernet network traffic volume and overall ethernet network status from within their opc client software environment. now automation & controls engineers can have access to snmp information from their network without the need to be an it & snmp expert and without assistance from their it group. this is the easiest way to get snmp data into industrial applications like hmi, scada, and historians.

snmp套装运用opc客户软件环境提供自动化专业的实时监督,包括以太网设备、整个以太网的话务量和整个以太网状态。现在自动化和控制工程师(不一定要成为it 或者 snmp专家,也不需要从专业的it小组获得帮助)便可以从他们的网络获得snmp信息。这是获取snmp数据,运用到工业应用(hmi, scada, 和 historians)的简单的方式。
opc bridging / gateway software
linkmaster is a proven software product which allows users to easily bridge or "link" data between opc servers. linkmaster has the capabilities of both a "server" and a "client" application, allowing it to act as a gateway to collect or link data from multiple opc servers then serve that data up to opc or dde client applications. additionally, linkmaster is an opc and dde server allowing it to act as a bridge between legacy dde systems and new opc enabled applications.

linkmaster能够允许使用者容易的在opc服务器之间连接数据。 linkmaster 既充当服务器又充当客户端,它可以被用作网关去收集或联系来自多台opc服务器的数据,也可以上传数据到opc或dde客户数据端。另外, linkmaster是opc and dde服务器,它可以作为桥梁来连接旧的dde系统和新的opc应用。
opc redundancy / failover software
  redundancymaster increases the reliability and availability of opc data by allowing multiple opc servers to be configured into redundant pairs. each redundant pair seamlessly appears as a single opc server to any opc client application. redundancymaster can be added to an existing server/client application without any reconfiguration of the application, keeping your processes going without any down time.

redundancymaster通过允许多台opc服务器配置增加opc数据的可靠性和可用性。 每个重复对的出现作为一台独立的opc服务器可服务于任何opc客户端应用程序。不需要任何应用程序的重组,redundancymaster即可被增加到现有的服务器或客户端应用程序中,并且保持您的程序继续运行不会中断。

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