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modbus to ethernet gateway
serial / ethernet
product name: modbus to modbus tcp gateway
order code: es-301/es-302/es-304

es series gateway is an ethernet device and a modbus serial devices interconnected gateways. connect the modbus tcp protocol to the modbus rtu/ascii(rs485/rs232)device.

technical specification
  1. ethernet 10/100m, built-in network isolation transformer;
  2. two ethernet rj45 interface, built-in switch function, support cascade, can be used in a ring network, and can save cables and switches in field connections;
  3. support mapping slave id;
  4. support automatically routing the requests to the serial interface;
  5. support network security settings: limit the communication client ip address range and set login password;
  6. as modbus tcp server, support up to four connections, and can simultaneously support 32 commands request;
  7. as modbus tcp client, support accessing four different ips or different ports of modbus tcp server;
  8. each serial interface is rs485 or rs232, half-duplex, baud rate up to 230400 bps, parity: none, odd, even optional, stop bits: 1 or 2. optional;
  9. operating modes: modbus rtu/ascii slave mode for modbus tcp client and modbus rtu/ascii slave communication;
    modbus rtu/ascii master mode for modbus rtu/ascii master and modbus tcp server communication;
  10. configuration software: mt-123;
  11. power: 24vdc (11v-30v), 130ma (24vdc);
  12. temperature: operating -40 ~ 60 ℃.
    humidity: 5 to 95% (no condensing);
  13. mechanical dimension: 110mm(d) * 40mm(w) * 125mm(h);
  14. installation: 35mm rail;
  15. protection level: ip20;

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