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devicenet / profibus
product name: devicenet(slave)/rofibus dp
order code: pd-100s
the gateway pd-100s provides a seamless connection between a devicenet network and a profibus dp network and establishes the communication , exchanges data between a devicenet master and a profibus dp master.
note: the order code is pd-100s when devicenet port acts as a slave, and the order code is pd-100 when devicenet port acts as a master.
technical specification:
  1. acts as profibus dp slave on profibus dp network, automatic baud rate detection on profibus dp(9600 bit/s ~ 12 mbit/s)
  2. 2.5kv galvanic isolated on profibus dp and devicenet interfaces
  3. acts as group 2 only server on devicenet network and supports devicenet i/o polling
  4. supports hyper terminal in configuration mode
  5. real-time, the delay of data exchange is millisecond
  6. power supply: 11v-30vdc,devicenet network power is available
  7. operating temp.: -4°f to 140°f (-20 ºc to 60 ºc)
    rel. humidity: 5%-95% rh non-condensing
  8. dimension(w*h*d): 40mm* 125mm * 110mm(1.6in*4.9in*4.5in)
  9. mounting: din rail mounting(35mm)

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